In a couple months T’ll be done with learn to skate and then we’ll both take a learn to play class.  After that, I’m pretty sure he’ll be ready to play on a team, but I’m not so sure about myself. The kid’s picking things up and improving a lot faster than I can.

Tonight I go to the rink to watch a game in the 35+ division – I am, after all, getting up there, so maybe this is where I need to set my sites on playing.  I want to get an idea for what my target skill-level needs to be to join a team.

Things look promising at first … lots of grey hair, lots of missing hair, some bellies.  I might be able to keep up with these guys … then the puck drops …

Old and slow?  Right.  Older and slower than when they played in college, maybe.

Not where I’ll likely ever be playing, but a fun game to watch.  I need to stop by and watch games here more often.

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