Alexis Carew Series Books

Reader Question: Kindle Unlimited & Loss Leaders

My last post on ranking garnered a great comment that deserves an answer long enough to be its own post: I have a number of favorite authors who offer all of their books through Kindle Unlimited. How does writer compensation work with K.U. does the availability of...

Business of Writing: We’re #1!!

Well, no, not really. As of this writing, James Patterson is #1, but it would be nice, right? Number one seller in the Amazon US store? Maybe. It would certainly mean a lot of sales, and a lot of visibility, but, for most authors, it would come at a cost in...

Book Recommendation: Star Runners

A fun read with a YA feel. "I wish I could tell you how cool this is." High school senior Austin Stone didn't know what his best friend meant by the comment uttered during an online chat, but he forces himself to accept the fact his friends are leaving him behind. His...

The Queen’s Pardon Release Update

Queen's Pardon Release Update 10/27/2018: All looks like it's resolved now. The title is back for sale and the preorder is set for delivery 10/29. Yay! 🙂 Some of you may have noticed that The Queen's Pardon is currently listed as "not for sale" on This is...

Book Recommendation: The Long Black

Morgan always assumed that if she could survive growing up in the mines of Planet Hillman – feared for its brutal conditions and gravity twice that of Earth – she could survive anything.
That was before she became a starship mechanic. Now she has to contend with hostile bosses, faulty equipment, and even taking care of her friend’s little girl. Once pirates show up, it’s a wonder she can get any work done at all.

Book Recommendation: Causes of Separation

Yes, I'm recommending it while it's still in prerelease and it's book two in a series, I don't normally do either of those things, but I read this already as part of the author's Kickstarter, and it's every bit as good as the first in series. If you didn't...

Book Recommendation: The Stars Entwined

The Aryshan Empire and Earth are on the brink of war!

After several recent attacks along the border of Aryshan space, internal affairs agent Sean Barrows is brought to Palmer Station to ensure the Interplanetary Navy’s on the right track in their terrorism investigations. What he discovers could lead to the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen. Sean’s work leads him to his most dangerous assignment yet—into the heart of Aryshan territory as a spy.